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About the Project

Introducing our collaboration with Inuova: a project committed to rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs, addressing issues of neglect and abuse. ePage is thrilled to contribute its digital marketing expertise to amplify Inuova’s message. Together, we aim to raise awareness, promote responsible pet ownership, and advocate for stronger animal protection laws. Join us in creating a world where compassion, kindness, and respect define our treatment of all living beings.

The Problem

Before partnering with ePage, Inuova faced challenges in effectively communicating its mission and initiatives to a broader audience. The lack of a robust digital presence hindered their ability to raise awareness and garner support for the crucial work they were doing to rescue and rehabilitate stray dogs. Limited visibility on online platforms also made it difficult to advocate for stronger animal protection laws and responsible pet ownership. Recognizing these obstacles, Inuova sought a strategic digital marketing solution to enhance their outreach and amplify their impactful message.

Project Highlights

Product Design

Product Design




After partnering with ePage, Inuova witnessed a remarkable transformation in its digital outreach. Our strategic digital marketing efforts significantly boosted Inuova’s online visibility, expanding their reach and effectively conveying their mission to rescue and rehabilitate stray dogs. The increased online presence resulted in greater community awareness, support, and engagement, leading to a surge in contributions and partnerships. Inuova’s advocacy for stronger animal protection laws and responsible pet ownership gained considerable traction, solidifying their position as a prominent voice in animal welfare. The collaboration successfully propelled Inuova into the digital forefront, championing a culture of compassion and respect for all living beings.

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